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To cut my hair or not to cut my hair?


So yay! I am finally really close to my first big milestone here on tumblr so I figured I would do a BOTM. As with all BOTM’s there are some rules so here they are.
1. Must be following me. After all it’s for my followers.2. Reblog this post once, this is how you will enter the BOTM.
MUST REACH 100 NOTES*No NSFW allowed. I’m sorry but I won’t allow these blogs to be in the BOTM. All blog types are accepted but K-Fashion, J-Fashion or Asian type blogs will probably have a better higher chance.*The post will end on the 26th of September. Contestants will be picked on the 27th of September. There will be nine blogs picked and entered into a poll. Six will be handpicked by me. Three will be randomly picked. I will make a post and message the people picked and make a poll. You will be allowed to use promos for the poll but please be nice and don’t fill your blog with promos. If you are rude to another contestant or try and win maliciously I will remove you from the poll and you will be disqualified. The BOTM will be announced Oct. 1st. and get a spot on my blog, also promos once a week for sure or any other time if you ask nicely. Also I will do a few double promos will my BOTM and hopefully become better friends with them. The runner up will also get a special promo.Hopefully you all will join my BOTM, I look forward to being able to do this. Thank you all so much for following me :)
typography requests.



so I have made a lot of the exo typography edits (like these) but I need some more ideas. So I am holding typography requests. 

Send me in exact form what you want or would like on a typography post and I will make it and post it.

I will make them for as long as you guys request them. here are some examples of my typography. it doesn’t have to be EXO, but keep it in my blog style please.


snapdays 車窓からみえる海 Train window


If this post get’s 20 notes (likes or reblogs.) I will write you guys a KaiSoo fan fic (because I got writer’s block on the XiuHan one.

buy me this.