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Online Stores include YesStyle, COCO Fashion, YoYo Melody, Keutokki and Hipsterspace

YesStyle. (Banner Changes based on store sales.)

YoYo Melody Dresses and women's fashion

COCO Fashion. Street Style and Asain clothing.

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I just bought a lot of candy off my cousin and ate it too quickly aww my belly hurts.


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follow me on ello and send me your username for a screenie ;) my user name is yuei 


By Amanda
October BOTM is over!

And the winner is helloteaparty! Later today I will be making something for all contestants. The November BOTM post will go up around 10pm tonight so look for that as well. 

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follow me on ello and send me your username for a screenie ;) my user name is yuei 

mirukeu-senpai: Wow right after kris and now jessica and idk what about sulli and krystal whos the sis I mean i miss them all so much and even jyj;;;,,

I know I worry as well as what Kyrstal is going through. The whole ordeal including all the way back in April when Kris left t just this past week it is so crazy. None of it seems real. But if we stick together we can make it through. If we support our girls (and boys ♥exo) and support each other we can make it.

Anonymous: I am depressed because I'm always stuck in the house. I can't get a job because I have no transportation. :/ After being in the house ALL the time I just really feel stir crazy & so depressed. Every time I get a job it's like it's not meant to be. I get laid off within a month, every time. I don't understand. I try so hard to make money online from home since I don't have an outside job, but despite my efforts something always falls through. :/ It's so frustrating. ;( I feel like crying... :S

I am sorry dear anon. I hope things work out for the best for you. They say when one door closes another one opens. I believe in you anon I hope you find a job that you love. Anon Hwaiting!

drops-of-madotsuki: Ohh, you're ok with small rants? Well, a good friend of mine passed away because of a car accident yesterday..

I am so sorry for your loss. My condolences.